10 unknown uses and benefits of Onion

credit: NDTV Food

The ingredient that is most commonly used in daily cooking is onion. Apart from cooking, this onion has some different uses, which makes our daily work easy.

Let’s find out what these are.

  • Protect trees from insects

Mix four onion paste, two tablespoons of red chili powder, two-piece garlic, and a generous cup of water. Mix two tablespoons soap in two gallons of water. Mix onion paste in this soap water. Add the mixture in a spray bottle and use it on the tree.

  • To reduce ear pain

When the sudden pain of the ear begins, the onion may become immediate relief. It contains anti-inflammatory agents which prevent inflammation. If you have ear pain, place a piece of onion inside the ear. It also helps to clean the inside of the ear. Keep in mind not to leave the onion too much, only for a couple of seconds.

  • To reduce the pain of bee stings

Make onion paste or take one piece of onion and put it in the place the bee stung. This will prevent irritation and protect from any allergic side effects.

  • Get rid of paint odors

There is a specific smell of new color in the house. Cut a piece of onion and put it in a corner of the room that was recently painted. The onion will completely absorb the smell.

  • Helps you fight cold

The mixture of honey and onion reduces caffeine by cooling down. It acts as an antibiotic by eliminating body bacteria.

  • Remove Rust

Use a cloth on the rusty part of the knife and then rinse. Cut a large onion with a rusty knife. Clean the knife with a dry cloth. Cut the onion once again if the rust is not removed on the first attempt.

  • Insulin Increase

Onion helps increase the body’s insulin. It also reduces blood sugar which helps people suffering from diabetes.

  • To close a fresh wound

If you have a cut on your body, apply pressure with a piece of onion. You will see that the wound is closed immediately and it will help prevent infection.

  • To clean steel pottery and grills

Many times you burn food on the pottery or grill surface and trying to clean it might result in you scratching it. To remove these stains, the onion is very effective. Just heat the piece you want to clean a bit and then rub it with an onion. You will be amazed at how shiny the surface will be left.

  • To clean the oven

Oil, fat stove oil becomes nasty. Just trying to rub it off with an onion won`t help. Mix onion juice and salt in the same amount. Apply it on a cloth and start rubbing. Your stove will look as new.


Onion is a very commonly used ingredient in the kitchen. It has great taste, incredible health benefits and we also learned a lot of other various uses for it. Maybe you should also start using more onions in your next meals.