Top 6 Ways to Increase Body Weight

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There are a lot of people who can easily increase body weight. On the other hand, there a lot of people who can hardly gain any weight, which can also induce a state of lethargy. If you are part of the second category and want to start gaining some weight you have to put in a bit of effort in order to improve your overall physical aspect. Whether you are a man or a woman, being underweight might also bring up health and other problems. Hopefully, the 6 ways that will be presented will turn out to be an overall improvement of your health, weight and general life.

Eat Healthy Food

You may be eating too much but you are not gaining weight properly. That’s because you are eating, but you’re not eating the right food according to the rules. Just eating too much food will not do the trick, you have to eat the proper food in order to gain weight. Your body needs a certain amount of protein, carbon and fat every day. Eat nuts and dairy products daily for this. Protein-rich foods help to form muscle. It increases the weight of the body. Try to eat meat in a certain amount each day. Eat eggs, cheese and plenty of rice bread and potatoes. Sweets are also welcomed.

Liquid Foods

In general, liquid foods create hunger shortly after they have been eaten. Because of this, you can eat any liquid foods a little later to create hunger. But remember, it is not good to drink a lot of water before eating a meal and in the middle of the meal. Drinking a lot of beverages might also decrease your chance of becoming hungry, thus limiting your need for solid foods.

Eat Frequently

If you want to increase your weight, eat a moderate amount of food 5 to 7 times a day. We usually eat 3 times. You can easily eat 6 times a day if you dose your portions properly. You will not have any problem with this. Eat more fruits, such as bananas or mangos, etc. Besides that, try to eat foods that provide the highest amount of calories. Remember that the amount of junk food you eat will make your body absorb fewer macronutrients. So, instead of eating commercial products, try to eat homemade foods.

Follow Simple Rules

You are eating food but you are not following any rules, you will not reach your target. Your weight will not increase in any way. Make a list of rules that you follow strictly and go by it every day. Pay close attention to your diet every day. You will get positive results in approximately 4 weeks. Eat healthy foods to gain weight every day and get enough sleep.

Physical Exercise

Surprised? Do you think that if you are already fit you don’t need exercise? Exercising and staying fit also helps you gain weight. Besides, exercise induces hunger. Start going to the gym regularly and follow the trainer’s advice. An excellent body will be created. Again, if you are only consuming high-calorie foods and you do not have any type of exercise, then there will be excessive fat in some parts of your body, such as the lower abdomen and other parts, but will not play a helpful role in increasing your weight. Do as much physical exercise as possible in order to achieve your goal. By doing this, you can get to your desired weight by draining your body fat.

Refrain from Smoking

Smoking makes a person sick physically and damages your health. Even with a healthy diet, smoking will always be bad for one’s health. You will not have any positive results. If you are a smoker and want to increase your weight, quit smoking today.