Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home

credit: lockeroomhealth.com

It is known that in order to keep your heart healthy and control your weight you just need to walk about a thousand steps every day. There a lot of essential exercises you can do right at home. Actually, to keep fit you can choose some easy exercise which you can do at your house. Below you will find a list of simple exercises you can do, on your own, at home.

Keep in mind that in order to improve your overall fitness you need to create a routine that you will follow strictly.

#1 ”Stretching Exercises”

First, you can do your stretching and move your hands from left to right. Next, you can straighten your leg on the floor again and again. Hold the stretch for a few seconds. Then repeat these exercises. You can do around 50 situps which, which is a good exercise for belly fat burn. Then you can lay on the floor and do crunches. Also, an essential exercise is the simple pushup. This is probably the most known exercise and one of the best for an overall improvement of a lot of muscular parts of your body.

#2 “Leg Exercise”

You can do leg exercises lying down on the floor. Lay down on your side lifting each leg repeatedly for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also lay down and lift both your legs, in sets of 10 lifts, for a total of 4 sets. Also, a good way to exercise your legs is to run in place. Keep a steady rhythm and do it for 5 to 10 minutes.

#3 “Arm exercises”

It is important to build muscle tone in your arms. A simple way of doing that is using a cowbell. There are multiple exercises you can do, lifting it in various standing positions. You can do these different types of exercises for 10 to 15 minutes. Arm exercises might seem hard at first, but you will slowly become better and more muscular.

#4 “Dancing”

Dancing is a very effective exercise. If you like dancing, play some music and just Dance. Don’t worry if you’re not a very good dancer, nobody will see your moves at home. Do it for 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a good cardio exercise and it will help your body. Dancing burns a lot of calories so it is always welcomed. Dancing is just like running, only a lot more fun!

#5 “Treadmill”

You can use the treadmill, it’s an effective way to exercise while walking and running. If you’re very serious about your health, you know that walking and running are essential exercises. The treadmill offers you the comfort of doing these running and walking exercising while doing over activities at home. A normal walking or running routine should last 15 to 30 minutes.

Try creating a daily routine. Not more than 40-60 minutes. It will help you stay fit, and have a better-looking body. Always remember that Health is Wealth. With that in mind, keep exercising and you will get in better shape in no time!