Fastest Way To Gain Muscle Mass

gain muscle

Our body is designed and hardwired to put on muscle mass and burn fat. If you want your body to have lean muscles just follow these steps. There are three vital points to remember while trying to obtain muscle mass fast: Traning, eating, and sleeping.

Eating is the best way to gain muscle mass

Most gym goers nowadays struggle to gain muscle mass. This is due to their eating habits. If you want to gain muscle you must have a goal and a diet to compliment it. Using a good diet and following it strictly will improve your chances of gaining muscle faster.

In order to build muscle mass, you need about 1 gram of protein/pound of body weight. To fuel your body you also need carbohydrates. When bulking aim for 400 grams of carbohydrates a day. You have to try to eat good fats like peanuts or almond butter. The modified protein shake is a great way to get your calories. A good mix of elements will help you achieve your desired weight faster.

This is my own recipe :

Four tablespoons of peanut butter
One cup of oats
One Banana
Two cups of white whole milk
Two cups of chocolate whole milk
One serving protein powder

This type of protein shake has 1830 calories and 83 grams of protein. Try to mix in a good amount of carbohydrates and healthy fats that your body needs. To meet your daily macro-nutrient goals simply combine all the ingredients in a blender and create the shake.

Training is the fastest way to gain muscle mass

To understand how to train effectively you have to really be in tune with your body. You should train 3 days a week if you are a beginner. You have to know how to strategically position your rest days if you are intermediate or advanced and have a training split. It allows your body to get the recuperation it needs and that’s why this is important.

I recently noticed that my lifts were starting to be more difficult at the gym. My eating pattern was good enough to gain weight and it was odd. I stopped and I was able to take a decision. The best thing would be to take a couple days off through having a mind muscle connection. It permitted me to keep progressing more afterward, by giving my body time to rest.

The single most vital thing to keep in mind for building muscle is progression. While staying in the hypertrophy repetition range (8-12 reps) you can measure your progression by increasing weight. If you have also increased the weight used during a particular exercise you can be positive that you have grown, by viewing it this way.

When you find the fastest ways to gain muscle, getting enough sleep is mandatory.

To give your body back up after workouts sleep is really very vital. Your gains will skyrocket if you can dial in your training and nutrition with sound sleep patterns. Always listening to your body is the key. You will get worn down and stop progressing if you will not follow what your body says.

Always try to sleep naturally, instead of inducing it with pharmaceutical products. However, sleep is as good as a nutritional diet and exercise strategy that suits your body level. By following these three points you will speed up your muscle gain and become a healthier you.