Some of greatest foods which help reduce harmful cholesterol

reduce cholesterol

High cholesterol count is responsible for many problems such as heart attack, high blood pressure, and some other serious diseases. Most of these diseases can have a high negative impact on your life and even lead to death. Less cholesterol can lead to a peaceful and healthy life. So let`s keep an eye out on how we can manage to control that.

So how do we keep our cholesterol levels low? It is not hard at all. What we have to do is keep an eye out on the food you eat. Let us see what sort of foods are adequate to minimize cholesterol intake.

Fatty Fish

Omega-3 is essential for health. Though fish fat contains cholesterol, this is hugely beneficial to your health and lowering your cholesterol.


Nuts are rich low calcium, potassium, and fatty acid. You can reduce cholesterol by eating nuts daily. They also bring many benefits to your heart and boost your immune system.


Beans are crucial for the heart. They play a vital role in reducing cholesterol. Eating half a cup of beans a day will decrease about 7% of your cholesterol level. It also helps protect your kidney and help it process fatty acids which only bring benefits to your health.


Tea contains anti-oxidant and caffeine. They reduce harmful cholesterol. Tea also protects you from developing diabetes.


Chocolate also contains a lot of anti-oxidants that may help you reduce cholesterol.


Eating many green vegetables will bring better blood flow through your vessels. Vegetables contain with some of the best elements such as zinc, carotene, calcium, and vitamin. This help protects from a lot of heart diseases. Eat vegetables on a daily basis.

Adding these elements to your nutrition will help you keep moderate cholesterol in your body.