How to Reduce weight without Dieting


The proper diet and exercise reduce weight as well as fat. But there are some things that work more to reduce weight without the diet. If you do not have too much weight, that is, if the weight is slightly higher than the height, you can use this method. And those who are overweight may also benefit if you take care of these factors as well as diet. You should know proper tips from the physician or the doctor.  

With expert’s advice Times of India has said five methods of weight loss without diet. Let’s know about these five useful methods for losing weight without the diet.

  • Chew more, eat less

Recent studies have found that low-calorie is taken for chewing the food for a long time, Less is eaten. It does not only help in digestion, it also reduces the amount of food. It consumes more.

  • Do not skip morning snacks

Do not skip morning snacks. Breakfast is very important throughout the day meal. If you want to eat breakfast, it takes more than the hunger to be late. It is more to eat. And the weight increases. So it can not be done.  

  • Pay attention to the food

When it is meal time, then many people sit in front of a TV or computer and watch as well as eat. This reduces attention to food. The brain can not then look at food. We often talked to others while we were eating again. It spoils attention to eating. No allow to talk and here we don’t say to follow this. But pay attention to the food.


  • Do not cook food for a long time

Nutrient quality decreases if you cook more than food or heat. Eat more boiled vegetables. Eat the salad, In most cases, cook steam grill meals. However, use microwave oven-less for food cooking.

Eat fruits before eating heavy meals

Take 30 minutes before eating heavy food. The result is good digestion and helps reduce weight.    


To reduce or decrease body fat and want to get perfect weight so need to know proper methods. You can follow these five tips that how to reduce weight without dieting. Most of us so lazy to do dieting and do not want to go physical gymnasium. For them, these five tips will be most useful for them. As well as take proper advice from the experts or doctor.