Muscle Building Guide For Beginners


Muscle building is the dream for most of the young people nowadays. Everyone would want to build lean muscle and look attractive. But what is stopping them from achieving this goal is mostly lack of knowledge and how to train properly. One other setback would be that they start really motivated and end up doing a training that is for more advanced bodybuilders. These people get discouraged and eventually give up. Not knowing how to start training properly is the main reason why you fail. As a beginner, you have to take a basic program for your muscle building.

You should continue your basic muscle-building program slowly and then tune it up to a more advanced and harder program. Bear in mind bodybuilding is a slow process. You will not be able to achieve that lean muscle body you dream of in a couple of weeks, it takes years of training to get there. I’m going to try and walk you through what you will have to do in your journey to achieving the perfect body starting at the bottom.

You may know that your basic workout will contain a set of exercises, sets and reps, weights and resting times. You have to carry out these set of tasks and work continuously. Only one thing will change over time and that is your strength. This is essential.

Intro to your workout

You can increase the strength by raising the weight or reps number. You will notice that at some point you can do these easier than last time and by that time it means you have to advance. That means you either increase the weight or the number of repeats you are performing.

If you want to get the best workout then you should train every muscle group once or twice in a week and not more.

Here is a simple beginner workout schedule:

Monday: Legs – stiff legged deadlifts, squats, calf raises.

Wednesday: Triceps/Chest/Shoulder – dips, shoulder press, bench press

Friday: Biceps/Back – barbell rows, deadlifts, chin-ups.

The 5×5 training program is the best for any beginner. This means you have to do 5 sets of 5 reps of each individual exercises. This is the most appreciated workout plan bodybuilders advise you to use as a beginner. This training method will boost your strength and shape. It will give you the opportunity to build up muscle and eventually get to harder and more effective workouts. You will work for all your muscle groups and have a lean and equal body stance.

Of course, you have to understand that resting between reps is really important. Without rest, you will not have enough strength and stamina to complete your exercise. Less than a minute is the best. At the end of every set your stamina will be drained and you will have to take a bigger break. Around 5 minutes should do the trick.


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Once you are building strength and stamina and the exercises look easier you have to use bigger weights so it will still be challenging. You have to remember that the 5th repetition of a set has to exhaust you. That is the goal to start growing muscle tissue.

If you are able to follow this program for 8 weeks you will start to feel stronger, look stronger and ultimately feel more motivated to continue.


Besides your workout, you have to pay close attention to your nutrition. When you start your journey into muscle building you must have a plan. One key element of that plan is your diet. You must follow your diet strictly since it’s just as important as your workout.
Muscle building requires a high intake of protein. Try selecting foods that have high protein values. Products such as lean meat, eggs, or dairies have a high output of protein and will help you in your path.

Pay close attention to Carbohydrates 

When you create your diet try to balance it out. Carbs play a huge role, but it’s also a double edge sword. It’s obvious that you will need carbs in order to have the good amount of energy to work out. What you need to also have in mind is that too many carbs will add fat to your body and will slow your progress.

Drink  Water

Water is also a key element. It helps your body’s metabolism. It is recommended that you drink at least 2liters of water per day. Always have water by your side when working out. Keep your body hydrated and you will see better improvements.