Prevention is Easier than Treatment


We are usually unaware of our health issues. We either try to mask it or wait it out hoping it will fix itself. Sometimes waiting even years until going to a doctor. Try not to end up in that situation and as soon as you have an issue go see a doctor. Prevention will always easier than the actual fixing of the problem.

If you ever have a symptom or if something is off or unusual try not to ignore it. Getting the right help at the right time can actually save your life.

Are you uncertain about something that`s been recently happening to you? Well, I`m gonna write some common things that occur and we misinterpret. I really hope these points can help you figure out things that have been happening to your or things that you are not aware of.
Now let us dig in the most common occurrences –

The Digestive System 

Your digestive system has a routine. Think about it. You have a usual program of how your digestive system works. For example, I will introduce John. John goes to the toilet first thing in the morning. He has been doing this since he was a child. John turned 31 last month and for the last 2 weeks, he can no longer go to the toilet when he wakes up. That is concerning. He should immediately investigate this issue because this is not normal for his digestive system. Think about that and see if something changed in your routine. This is an example many people would not notice. More common and obvious reasons to visit a doctor are:

⦁ The feces are black as tar
⦁ Having diarrhea for a long time

Losing Weight

If you started losing weight without any lifestyle changes or diet change you should raise a question. That is not a common occurrence to start losing weight without doing something different. Stress, more work, and other troubles in your life could be the cause for that. If that is not the case then I advise you to get a doctor appointment. Diseases that cause sudden weight loss are:

⦁ Cancer
⦁ Tuberculosis
⦁ Live malfunction
⦁ Mental issues
⦁ Diabetes

Having a Prolonged Fever

You could be facing a fever that has lasted a bit longer or a lot longer than usual. It is possible that the virus that caused you to fever to be gone but something else showing the same symptoms. This could be masking a much worse disease and you should seek special assistance. This diseases could mask the fever you think you have –

⦁ Cancer
⦁ Tuberculosis
⦁ AIDS and other diseases

Breathing Issues

The normal breathing rate of a person is of 12 to 18 times a minute. It is also pretty close for children. If you are noticing that you do not have a constant pattern in your breathing cycles, you could be facing more problems than that. in this situation go to a doctor immediately. Diseases affecting your breath cycle –

⦁ Liver cancer
⦁ Pneumonia
⦁ Bronchitis

The main idea is that it is a lot easier to prevent a disease from setting in and become a chronic problem or even worse, fatal. Seeking professional help will help you treat a small problem and stop it from growing into a life-threatening condition.

Final thoughts, please take a minute and think if there is anything that you have been neglecting. Do not let days pass if you have a concern, a couple of minutes from a doctor appointment can be crucial in some cases.