Some Amazing Uses of Olive Oil


Since ancient times olive oil has been used for various purposes. It is said that olive oil was one of the main ingredients of beauty treatment Cleopatra used. Here we are going to describe some amazing uses of Olive Oil. Olive oil was also used for cooking. But it is not limited to these two functions. It has more great uses.

To polish wooden furniture

Wooden furniture that looks old? Don’t worry about this problem, mix 2 parts olive oil and 1 part lemon sap or white vinegar in 1 spray bottle and shake it. Then, after spraying the wood, let it rest for 2 minutes. After it dries its time to clean it with a dry cloth. You will see it shine as new.

Open a jammed lock  

A lock that hasn`t been used in a long time is most likely jammed due to rust setting in. Make a cotton ball and dip it in olive oil. Then rub the moving parts of the luck with oil. Then try to open slowly. The lock should unlock now.

Prevent steel from rusting

To prevent steel material objects from rusting, polish them with a cloth dipped in olive oil at least once a week. This will prevent rust from setting in.

To remove ear pain

Take a cotton swab and dip it in olive oil. Then massage the inside of your ear really gentle. The pain will gradually decrease. This will also boost the cotton swab cleaning purpuse.

Effective night cream to increase the brightness of the skin

You can mix half a cup olive oil, 1/4 cup vinegar, and 1/4 cup water to apply as skin cream. Olive oil makes the skin soft and gentle, vinegar can destroy acne-causing bacteria and helps remove the dead skin.

Stop moving Noodles together

Noodles and pasta stirring together a little more boiled. Olive Oil will solve this problem. Boil water with 1 tablespoon olive oil in the water. Use this water to boil noodles and pasta.

To polish the leather materials

Leather accessories can easily fade color. Olive oil will protect this from happening. Use a spray bottle to apply to whatever you need protecting. After 30 minutes remove it with a clean cloth. They will keep their shiny look.


There are many health benefits of olive oil which are very unrivaled. Olive oil has so many qualities to improve human health and lives. We already knew that olive oil can be used in various facts and it can make your life easier. It has some amazing benefits which are very useful for you. According to science, olive oil uses for the treatment of breast and colon cancer, arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol. It is a great aid in increasing metabolism, weight loss, prevents aging, and digestion.