Top 10 Dieting Tips to Reduce Hair Loss


Hereditary influences are the reason for permanent hair loss or balding. Nutritional deficiency is the most responsible for temporary hair loss. If a right diet plan will be maintained as well as poor nutrition will be ignored then this process will assist you to reduce your hair loss and hair thinning.

Let’s discuss some effective tips of your diet plan that will assist you to reduce hair loss.

1. You may not know that high fat and high sodium affects your body and that’s why your hair starts to fall. These kinds of diets affect your kidneys as well as increases the level of our acidity in the blood, as a result, we suffer from hair loss. If you follow a low-fat diet this may help you to slow down the hair falling. Actually, male baldness is truly connected with levels of high testosterone as a result of high fat and high animal protein diet (According to some studies).

2. If you are on a diet which limits too much the number of fats you can eat this can increase the loss of hair. That’s why should be careful about this issue.

3. You can take nuts and virgin olive oil because monosaturated fats increase your hair growth and refresh hair follicles.

4. You should avoid the foods that contain big amounts of carbohydrates like rice, potatoes and pasta. By digestion methods, carbohydrates produce glucose and this increase the level of blood sugar. By cutting up the level of blood sugar you will see improvement.

5. You shouldn’t have more than an alcoholic drink a day. You may not know, but alcoholic drinks reduce the level of vitamin B, C, zinc as well as folic acid in our body. Due to the very effectiveness of these vitamins for health and hair, hair then starts to fall. Also, alcohol contains a very huge amount of calories and sugar.

6. You should limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine can be harmful because it also reduces the levels of zinc, potassium and vitamins B & C in our body and as a result hair loss start to increase.

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7. You should try to take soy protein. According to a study it has proved that 15% of hair growth depends up to soy protein. You can get tofu, milk, fish, yogurt, eggs, and cheese as a good source of soy protein.

8. Another cause of hair falling is anemia. You should eat a lot of iron-rich foods to avoid it. Dried fruits, liver, eggs, cherry juice, raisins can be a good way to get iron-rich foods.

9. To improve hair health you can give silica a try. It helps reduce hair loss and increase hair regrowth also giving your hair a shiny look.

10. If you want to maintain your hair healthy then you should include iodine rich foods in your diet. You can use salt in your foods to make it tastier. Carrots, spinach, cabbage, and turnips are good vegetables for you. Mustard, millet, pine nuts, soybeans, walnut, pumpkin, and flaxseed oil are fully nutrients and effective for hair health.

Actually, for reducing hair fall you have to take care of so many things and among them, dieting is one of the most important parts you have to lookout for.