The Top Five Fruits and Vegetables for Daily Health

fruits and vegetables

The daily consumption of fruits and vegetables helps you keep fit and healthy. Vegetables and fruits can be added in almost any recipes. Don`t you think cherries can be added in a brownie? Or apples in your Caesar salad? Some vegetables are essential to our health because many vegetables contain lots of protein. There is no debate that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy. You should eat at least five types of fruit and vegetable per day. Let’s see now which are the top five nutrition fruits and vegetables.


The berries contain antioxidants that help your body fight illness and protect you from bacteria. There are low in calorie berries such as cranberries. Research shows that berries help the brain work better and get more focus. They are anti-inflammatory and contain antioxidants which are really beneficial for your brain. They increase oxygen levels in your bloodstream which is essential for your wellbeing. The blood pressure also decreases this being a low cholesterol food.



Cherries contain a wide variety of antioxidants which produce a lot of protein in our body. They contain vitamin C, E, and D. Vitamin C is helping fight bacteria and diseases in your body. It is especially good in the cold seasons. Vitamin D is essential to build a fit body. Lacking vitamin D in your body makes you a weaker target for diseases and viruses. It boosts your whole immune system. It also helps regenerate tissue.


Green Vegetables

Green vegetables contain a wide range of vitamins. They are recommended for overweight people. The green vegetables are essential for our health. They are a perfect source of energy. They are recommended for all ages, from small children to older adults. Green vegetable are the biggest source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is very important for the heart tissue because it a offers a protection against fat setting in.

green vegetables
credit: Healthsomeness


Tomatoes are a common fruit which many people find very delicious. Yes, you read that right, tomatoes are actually fruit although most people think they are vegetables. Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C. Tomato are easy to include in your daily meals.

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Nuts are very essential to our body as they contain a lot of calcium, zinc, iron, and copper which you don`t actually get from a lot of other ingredients. They are also rich in omega-3 fats and protein. Calcium helps you develop strong teeth. Zinc is really good for building muscle. Iron is very effective in making healthy red blood cells.


To sum it up these are the top five fruits and vegetables for daily health.