Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People

weight loss tips
credit: suppversity.blogspot.com

Lazy people are everywhere! In fact, you and I could very well be one of them. No matter how lazy a person is, at some point in his life, I’m pretty sure he has already thought about losing weight. Even the laziest of all lazy people may have tried searching for weight loss tips, especially after the holiday parties that made everyone gain weight. Luckily, there are still ways for lazy people to lose weight without doing so much.

Weight Loss Tips for Lazy people are rare. This happens because most weight loss tips advise people who want to lose weight to become physically active to get their bodies to burn calories. The first weight loss tip is to set smart, realistic goals for yourself. You know you wouldn’t be moving around much, nor will you be exerting so much effort cooking your healthy meals so don’t expect to lose a lot of weight quickly. In fact, you might not notice any weight loss in the first few months with this “method” of being lazy.

The next tip has perhaps been presented in other books, magazines or websites but there’s a reason why this tip is not new to people who want to lose weight. Take note of what you eat for every meal every single day. A lot of lazy people fall into the obese category because they eat whenever they feel like it or whenever a specific emotion like disappointment or depression hits them. By making a list of what you ate each day, you can compare your food intake every day then. You’ll be surprised at how much you ate without being hungry.

Another one of the most common weight loss tips is to eat more frequently in smaller portions. No exercise required here, just everyday eating. But that doesn’t mean you can now eat whatever you like or whatever you crave. Fill up on fresh, organic fruits and vegetables if you want to lose weight.

The last of the weight loss tips I will give you is to drink green tea. Aside from containing the natural antioxidant that was proven good for the body, green tea releases certain chemicals in your body once you drink it and these chemicals speed up your metabolism which makes you burn more fats, even without exercising or dieting.