What to eat after fasting for 24 hours

24 hour fasting

Throughout the history of humankind, fasting has always been part of human nature. Humans, over several millennia, have fasted for different reasons which may include religious, spiritual, health, etc.

Some fasting stretch for longer periods of time, while others are for a shorter period. Notably, 24 hour fasting seems to be more pronounced both by health and spiritual recommendation. While most people engage in 24 hour fasting, others can also engage in intermittent fasting which lasts for 12-18 hours. After fasting, the food consumed is essential because it leads to either certain health hazards or longevity.

The type of food and the proportion of the food consumed has a part to play in the overall wellbeing of an individual. While most people can consume some specific kind of food, others would consume anything but in a small proportion. Other factors that determine the type of food consumed is if the person is a vegan (does not consume meat) or a vegetarian. Another factor that determines the kind of food consumed after fasting is the sensitivity of a person’s stomach.

It is imperative to understand better what happens to the human body during and after fasting to understand the kind of food that would fit the body. The truth is that after eight hours without food, the body consumes stored food and that is why it can be said that fasting begins 8 hours after the last meal. During the period of these 8 hours, the body makes use of stored glucose to generate energy. When fasting is done overnight, the body will make use of the glycogen found in the liver, and after 24 hour fast, we consume about half of the stored glycogen if we do not engage in any exercise.

Types of food to eat after 24 hour fast

For this reason, after a 24 hour fast, the easiest start would be with a light dairy meal . For those that engage in religious fasting, after 24 hours, drinking of water is a top priority first before consuming any food since it reduces stomach cramps.

fasting food to eat

Another set of 24 hour fasting diet includes fruits and vegetables which are also nice food to eat when breaking fast. It is also advisable to break down food properly by chewing each bite before swallowing it. Food that can digest easily are also an effective meal to break fasting, so cooked vegetables are much better than raw foods. Avocado, tomato, onion, lox, and cucumber are also ideal for intermittent fasting meal because they help the body to replenish essential nutrients lost by the body during fasting. Other foods that can be used for breaking fast are bone broths, yogurt, lettuces and spinach, well-cooked grain and beans, nuts, and eggs.

An intermittent fasting diet plan example is as follows:

16 Hour Fast followed by an 8 hour feeding window . For example : 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM feeding window , nothing except water in between.

  1. When preparing rice or chicken, we can add coconut oil by adding 1-3 teaspoon for rice and 1 teaspoon for chicken. This meal, veggies can be added.
  2. Chicken breast, veggies, and frozen blueberries.
  3. Veggies, fish and sweet potato. Cinnamon, salad and dark chocolate can be added to this meal.
  4. Rapini, peppers, salad, and egg can also make a good meal. Fresh berries and salad can be added to it.


In all, fasting has several benefits which cover both health and spiritual aspects. 24 hour intermittent fasting has become a significant tool for getting in shape and becoming fit. The 24 hour fasting benefits are as follows:

1. Loss of weight
Fasting enables the body to make use of stored fat. Fat accumulates in the body, but when there is no food, the body makes use of the reserved fat resulting in weight loss. So many health practitioners have started to advise people to go on intermittent fasting and results are promising.

fasting weight loss
diabetes fasting

2. Reduces the effect of diabetes
Means of fasting can control excessive glucose in the body. Intermittent fasting can help to improve the way the body responds to insulin and the way the body makes use of glucose. It has been proven numerous times that it reduces insulin resistance and lowers blood sugar levels.

3. Increases metabolism
When the body is restricted from food and later followed by a meal, it boosts the metabolism. Although an extended period of fasting can slow down the metabolism, intermittent fasting has been shown to be ideal for speeding it up.

4. Knowledge about hunger
Fasting helps an individual to be able to understand the signs given by his body when it comes to hunger. A lot of people confuse eating desire to hunger. Therefore, intermittent fasting helps an individual to differentiate between real hunger and the eating desire. Appreciation of food grows as a result of intermittent fasting. After a state of true hunger, a person values every bite of a meal taken. Such a person will have a feeling of deep satisfaction and joy from such a meal.

5. Longevity
One of the benefits of 24 hour fasting is longevity. Research has shown that people who practice intermittent fasting tend to live longer than those that have their regular three square meals. Intermittent fasting helps the body initiate important cellular repair processes that tend not to start when in a fed state.

6. Improves the heart health
The world’s biggest killer is the heart disease. Intermittent fasting has been observed to improve health factors such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol , all contributing factors to hearth health.

healthy heart

7. Reduction of oxidative stress
People today are aging quickly as a result of oxidative stress. It is as a result of the fact that many molecules always react with the DNA of human and this causes damage to the DNA. To this effect, it is believed that intermittent fasting can improve the resistance to this type of stress. The intermittent fasting can also assist in fighting inflammation which prevents inflammatory diseases.

Conclusion and expected results when fasting for 24 hours

24 hour intermittent Fasting results have shown that there a whole lot of benefits and advantages regarding fasting. The 24 hour fasting results have shown that fasting can be used to simplify life.
To keep fit and lose weight fasting is a cheap and proven way of reaching these goals. It has been proven true from numerous intermittent fasting success stories. Although fasting has both health and spiritual benefits, it is important to break fast with the appropriate meal and food. The extent and size of food eaten after a 24 hour fasting depends on the individual and the type of food. The first thing to be taken immediately after fasting is water. Water helps to reinvigorate the body and helps to avoid stomach cramps.